Ticket for both days

  • Full price: 110 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: 99 €
  • For all registered before May 1, 2020: 90 €
  • Group discount (valid for registration for both days before May 1, 2020): 6-10 registered = 10%, 11-20 registered = 20%, 21-30 registered = 30%, 31-40 registered = 40%, over 41 registered = 50%

Ticket for one day

  • Full price: 73 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: 68 €
  • For all registered before May 1, 2020: 61 €

Ticket for the single concert

  • Full price: 10 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: 7 €

Ticket for exhibition only

  • Full price: 10 €
  • Pupils, students, seniors: 7 €


13th Slovenian Flute Festival will take place at
Cultural Centre “Delavski dom”, Cesta 9. avgusta 1, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi
GPS coordinates: 15° 00′ 00″ E | 46° 08′ 04″ N




Official organisers are:




 Zagorje ob Savi Music school, Cankarjev trg 4, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia, Europe,

Phone: +386 3 56 60 640 E-mail:


  • president Matjaž Švagan, Mayor of Zagorje ob Savi
  • Metka Podpečan, Principal of Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Karmen Cestnik, Director of the Cultural Centre Delavski dom
  • Blanka Šmit, Head of local department for social affairs of community of Zagorje ob Savi
  • Marjeta Bantan, Secretary – Accountant of Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Demetrij Zupan, Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Nataša Burger, Flute Professor – Zagorje ob Savi Music School
  • Leopold Drobne, Technical Cooperator, Amateur Flutist


In Slovenia, there are few landscapes to compare with the play of nature in the valley of Zagorje. It is as if the undulating hills and steep inclines have been scattered about quite absent-mindedly. To a visitor it is as if a whole new world has opened up before their eyes. A world so close you could touch it, that only appears to be far away. This is a world with a noble past that started even before the first miners descended into its dark caves. It is a world of refined art and culture that is enriched generation after generation.

The valley of Zagorje has, due to numerous historical circumstances, hid its precious treasures too long. It is time it was rediscovered by tourists, coincidental travellers, pilgrims, businessmen and even locals. Our old industrial town is therefore opening to all those seeking contentment in nature’s rich bounty, culture and our abundant historic and artistic heritage. There await you numerous cultural events, excursions, hotels and farm tourism, sports facilities and even an airport.

Pleasant surprises enrich life. In the valley of Zagorje, you will experience a cultural revival. Local people will be able to tell you a lot about the cultural pulse of this valley. The inhabitants are living and breathing their varied culture.

For decades, Zagorje has played host to important cultural events such as the Izlake-Zagorje artist colony, the Festival of Young Choirs of Slovenia and International Chamber Music Festival “Valvasor evenings” as well as Slovenian Flute Festival where most famous international flutists  and flutists from all over Slovenia have been gathering here. Here is the birthplace of many poets and writers, painters, singers and musicians, directors and actors and others who have contributed to this place’s appreciation of culture.

The people of Zagorje await you. We shall share with you our past and the traditions of our valley along with our dreams of a promising future.


Photo credit: Roman Rozina