Saturday, May 21, 2016


10:00 Concert
Paolo TABALLIONE (Italy)
Amedeo SALVATO, piano

11:00 Masterclass

F. Doppler: Mazurka de Salon, op. 16
Iza Štih

12:00 Concert
Laura LEVAI AKSIN (Serbia)
Iris KOBAL, piano

13:00 Masterclass

C. Ph. E. Bach: Koncert v d molu
Annemarie Glavič

15:00 Concert
Alja VELKAVERH (Slovenia)
Andreja KOSMAČ, piano

16:00 Lecture: “Marcel Moyse and his Tone developement through Interpretation”

“Basic long tones and breathing are not enough to develop a beautiful tone on the flute. Talking and singing are the best ways to communicate with any musical instrument and Marcel Moyse’s “Marcel Moyse and his Tone development through Interpretation” is the most valuable tool we have for acquiring this are. Starting in 1958 Robert Aitken spent many periods with Marcel Moyse and is eager to pass on his experiences with this legendary personality. He hopes that flutists in the audience will be prepared to demonstrate from the book.”

17:00 Concert
Andrea LIEBERKNECHT (Germany)
Amedeo SALVATO, piano

18:00 Lecture: “From Concept to Concert”

She has been the Principal of Zagorje Music School since 2004 and a member of the organizing committee of the Slovenian Flute Festival from the very beginning. Despite the fact that she is an academic musician, she has been working mostly as a manager and organizer of numerous events for the last twelve years. During this time she developed a special concept for the organization of events, which has proved to be very successful and can be used for small performances as well as for large-scale events that require an accurate plan and course of action. You will have a chance to learn what it takes to grow a good idea into a successful event and what are the most important parts of the process, at her workshop titled ‘From concept to concert’.

19:30 Concert
János BÁLINT (Hungary)
Tünde KURUCZ, piano

Sunday, May 22, 2016


9:00 Masterclass

A. Casella: Sicilienne & Burlesque
Laura Felicijan

10:00 Concert
Wissam BOUSTANY (Lebanon/England)
Tim CAREY, piano

11:00 Masterclass

T. Böhm: Grande polonaise, op.16.
Dorotea Senica

12:00 Concert
Renata Penezić, Tamara Coha-Mandić, Ana Batinica, Jelena Geček, Marija Esih, Katarina Horvat, Danijela Klarić-Mimica, Lidija Ljubičić, Ivana Vukojević, Dijana Bistrović

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13:00 Masterclass

J. Gade/T. L. Christiansen: Tango Fantasia
Anamarija Lajh

15:00 Concert
Jan OSTRÝ (Checzh Republic)
Amedeo SALVATO, piano

16:00 Lecture: Towards Humanity

Wissam will lead an open presentation/discussion about the rewards of expanding the horizons of our love for the flute to encompass the wider context of our music-making in the wonderful but often violent wider world we live in. Nurturing this love for humanity not only helps us make our music more relevant but can also facilitate the work of vital humanitarian initiatives, while helping us raise our playing to new dimensions, musically and technically.

17:00 Concert
Robert AITKEN (Canada)
Tim CAREY, piano

18:00 Masterclass

F. Poulenc: Sonata
Meta Pirc

19:00 Concert
Tinkara KOVAČ (Slovenia)
& BAND  (Daniel Matič – guitars, Dajan Brdakič – bass guitar, David Morgan – drums, Anže Vrabec – keyboards)

Selected program is subject to change.